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11 Reasons Kids Love Homeschooling

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We all hear why moms and dads love homeschooling and how and why it’s a good fit for their families. We know all about the benefits of homeschooling from the traditional public school format and how much kids thrive in an environment of nurturing and individualized education. What though do the kids think? I asked some families to ask their kids and here is the top ten list starting with the most popular answer.

1. I Get To Spend The Day With My Mom And Dad

When asked 75% of the kids had this as their number one reason. All of them though mentioned missing family in some way. Some even admitted it was nice not having to miss being around their sibling. One family mentioned their high schooler was able to work in her fathers vet office during the day getting to learn on the job and then come home to do school in the evening with her mom getting one on one with each everyday. I know personally my two each mentioned they loved learning with their sibling and how mu