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11 Reasons Kids Love Homeschooling

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We all hear why moms and dads love homeschooling and how and why it’s a good fit for their families. We know all about the benefits of homeschooling from the traditional public school format and how much kids thrive in an environment of nurturing and individualized education. What though do the kids think? I asked some families to ask their kids and here is the top ten list starting with the most popular answer.

1. I Get To Spend The Day With My Mom And Dad

When asked 75% of the kids had this as their number one reason. All of them though mentioned missing family in some way. Some even admitted it was nice not having to miss being around their sibling. One family mentioned their high schooler was able to work in her fathers vet office during the day getting to learn on the job and then come home to do school in the evening with her mom getting one on one with each everyday. I know personally my two each mentioned they loved learning with their sibling and how much they missed me when they had to go to school.

2. More Free Time For Other Activities

Another most popular vote was time to pursue their interests. The traditional school day is long add on top of that commute to and from and some kids are gone 7-9 hours a day. That doesn’t leave much daylight hours for other fun things. Since starting to homeschool one family mentioned how their child's agricultural interests

have been able to blossom with more opportunities to do farm work during the week and has now won often in 4 H contests because of the extra time to dedicate to it. I know in our household dance reins supreme and my daughter has had the opportunity to work on flexibility and technique improving in both equally.

3. I Don't Have To Miss My Siblings

I have to to be honest I didn't think this would be so high but I guess it shouldn't have after seeing my own two kids. Kids who had come from public schooling to home stated they had missed their sibling being away from them so many hours a day. Those that had always homeschooled stated that they love learning with their siblings. Many cited that both older and younger siblings would bring a unique perspective to a topic and make them see it in a different way. Older kids stated often that helping their younger sibling learn a new concept made them feel proud. Younger kids almost all chimed in that it made them feel special when their older sibling took the time to read to them. Homeschooling really can strengthen that sibling bond.

4. No Homework Yay

“When we homeschool when we are done we are done no more work to do later” said one happy little boy. As education has changed significantly since a lot of parents have been in school the homework hassle is fierce. I can recount many tear filled nights both mine and theirs as we attempted to do new math. With school and work days so long already a families evening tome is precious and being able to be done and not have a bunch of busy work to do later is amazing.

5. Reading!!

We get to read for fun and not have to take a test several children mentioned. Snuggling on the couch with a good book with mom is my favorite part of the day was popular as well. In school kids are often forced to read a certain amount or books they dislike and be constantly tested on them zapping the love of reading for most children. A lot of homeschool families have read aloud time with discussion about what they’re reading and how they‘d react in the situation. It creates great open dialogue and exposes kids to new books they may have struggled with reading. In our household it is our favorite morning ritual before we start our school day.

6. It's So Much Fun

Hands on learning do I need to say more? I mean who doesn't like to have fun? Kids mentioned hands on learning, field trips, learning with their siblings and unique curriculums as the reasons they thought homeschooling was fun and the reason they loved it. 'STEM is the favorite part of my day" said one girl. "When I went to public school they didn't offer anything like this.'

7. I Get To Learn At My Pace And We Get To Make Our Own Schedule

Almost 40% of the kids polled said they enjoyed the freedom that comes with homeschooling. They liked that their schedule can change as their needs changed.

They can take a random day off for a break whenever they needed. They like that when they are studying their curriculum they can speed up or slow down depending on how well they are understanding their curriculum. "We can take a vacation when our dad can come with us" said one happy seven year old. Taking vacation when all the family can go is just one of many perks of making your own schedule and being a homeschooling family.

8. I Like What I'm Learning

How many kids can say they get to pick what they learn? Almost 40% of the kids polled mentioned the fact they can choose what they learn. The ability to choose when and what they learned made kids more engaged in their own educational experience and more willing to learn. A kid who loves what they are learning is a kid who is not gonna fight you when it's time to do schoolwork.

9. Sleep!!!!!!!!

\I thought this one would be a little higher on the list but kids surprise you. Being able to sleep in and ease into the day still got 25% of the vote. Why this may seem a little lazy getting a good night's rest is important for homeschool and public school children alike.

10. Go To School In My PJ's

I mean who doesn't like lounging around in their pajamas all day. A benefit of homeschooling is not having to worry about coordinating the perfect outfit everyday for school. "Our back to school clothes shopping list is lots of pajamas" said one happy tween. I don't have to to have all the latest styles in order to be able to fit in. Hey it saves parents money and it makes the kids happy. It's the little things.

11. No Bullies

It made me a little happy to see that this had made it so far down the list. As a parent of a special needs child it made my heart happy that so few kids had to list this as a reason they like homeschooling. It is a very valid reason though. Bullying is a very big problem in the public school and a reason why some families begin to homeschool.

To be honest there were a couple of kids about four out of over 100 kids polled that admitted they didn't like homeschooling. They were mostly older kids and wanted the chance to experience public school and some high school rites of passage. Getting these answers is a good reminder that while homeschooling is an amazing option and experience for many families, it is not the only or best way for every family. Don't worry if you ask your own child this question this question and they respond they don't like it. It doesn't mean you've made the wrong decision remember there are days you don't like your job. Keep an open dialogue and there is not one right or wrong way to teach a child.

There were a few other responses that didn't get but maybe one or two similar responses such as not having to walk to and from school in the cold or wet, read the Bible, moms snacks, know their teacher loves them and recess everyday.

I'd love to hear from you comment down below with your kids favorite things about homeschool or public school.

Disclaimer this blog may contain affiliate links from which I may receive a small commission.

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