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2020-2021 Homeschool Curriculum Choices 4th and 7th Grade

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Homeschooling for the first time is a scary and daunting task. I wanted something easy for me to teach that didn't require lots of my time to prepare but still was content rich and engaging. I wanted something fun that would make my kids want to learn and inspire them to love learning again.

With one child who has multiple learning disabilities and the other who has school based Anxiety I knew my work would be cut out for me. I painstakingly searched the web for anything and everything I could think that might help. I reached out to friends and strangers who've done this before and knew the great tips and tricks. I left no stone unturned in my pursuit for the best curriculum for our family.

I finally made my decision. We went with the company Timberdoodle. They don't print their own curriculum which I actually really like because they carefully search out the best of the best that is out there and create amazing curriculum kits with everything you could think of and more for all grade levels. It was the only one I found that included games, Art, STEM/STEAM and Critical Thinking curriculum.

This year we decided to do a majority of their school work independently and come together for just a few subjects. Coming from the public school I wanted the chance to really get to work with them and find out where they are and how best to help them reach their potential. They both thrive with one to one interaction and with the games and other fun activities I can bounce back and forth seamlessly and we still get done faster than public school. We do come together for morning read aloud time and a few items here and there especially Science. Having two Science curriculums means a science project almost everyday.

While a schedule is our life's blood we try not to over schedule. We school the same hours Monday through Thursday 8-1 and leaving Friday's for fun and field trips. We rotate our subjects because sometimes your just not in the mood for something at the same time everyday. Letting them get to pick the next thing we do gets them excited to finish and be able to do the next thing sooner. We still have a set amount of things we must finish but it doesn't matter how we get it done just that we got it done.

Drum roll Please Time To Announce Our Curriculum Choices

Not all of these came from Timberdoodle but almost all did. Not all of these are used everyday. In addition to the below listed items we subscribe to Little Passports U.S. and World editions.

M~7th Grade

Customized Timberdoodle 7th Grade Kit

When he grows up he wants to be You-tuber

Language Arts:

Mosdos Press Literature Pearl

Word Roots Beginning

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 6

Typing Instructor For Kids

All About Spelling Level 1

The Rhythm Of Handwriting Cursive from Logic Of English

He has a few extra LA materials to help with the dysgraphia and to try and catch up on some skills he needs as he gets closer to high school.


Math-U-See Zeta

Extreme Dot to Dot: Around The World

Dot to dot really helps with his spacial awareness and motor skills for his Dysgraphia. -

Critical Thinking:

The Basics of Critical Thinking

Color Catch Smart Game

Laser Chess

Gobblet Gobblers - See review here

Tenzi - See review here


Bear Grylls Survival Camp

World History Detective

*Dr Bonyfide Book 1 & Book 2

*Skill Sharpeners Geography Grade 4

Items with an * are in his sisters curriculum that he enjoys joining her on the lesson.


Batman Science

Exploring Creation with Chemistry & Physics Elementary

Exploring Creation Notebook Journal

Exploring Creation Lab Kit


Fischertechnik Profi Mechanic & Static 2 Engineer

Fischertechnik Profi Hydraulic - see review here

Mini Bricks Temple of Jerusalem


Simply Draw with Bob Parsosns

TwoStick Shadows Paint Kit Lighthouses

Archi-doodle City

Hey Clay Bugs

Learning Tools:

Mixed By Me Glow Thinking Putty - Review coming soon

Test Prep


A~4th Grade

4th Grade Timberdoodle Elite Kit

When she grows up she wants to be a professional dancer and a dance teacher.

Language Arts:

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 4

Mosdos Press Literature -Ruby

First Language Lessons 4 Bundle

All About Spelling Level 1

The Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive from Logic of English

Not all of these are done everyday.


Math-U-See Delta

Extreme Dot to Dot: Farm Life

Critical Thinking:

Building Thinking Skills Book 2

Colorku - see review here

Ultimo - See review here

Gobblet Gobblers - See review here

Tenzi - See review here


The Story of the World Volume 4

Story of the World Activity Book

Story of the World Audio Book

True Stories of War Graphic Novels

24hr History 5-Book Set


Skill Sharpeners Geography Grade 4


Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones Book 1 & Book 2

Science in the Age of Reason

Science Student Notebook

Science Lab Kit


Robotics Dream 2.0 Level 1 & 2 Kit

My Crazy Inventions Sketchbooks

Fischertechnik Profi Hydraulic - see review here


Hey Clay Animals

At Night Scratch Cards

Write & Draw Comics

Khan Mosaics

Pixel Mosaics

Learning Tools:

Mixed By Me Holographic Thinking Putty Kit

Test Prep Grade 4

It seems a little much all written out like this, but we don't do it all in one day and most of the textbook/workbook lessons are only one or two pages. We have done reviews on a few items and have plans to have it all reviewed by the end of the year. So far we have liked everything we have done but there are some favorites already.

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