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4 Reasons I love Timberdoodle for my ASD child

We knew that our son had some learning disabilities from early on. Trying to get the correct diagnoses though took a bit longer. He was diagnosed with several learning disabilities including ADHD, Anxiety, NF 1 and Dysgraphia at the age of eight. It was another year and a half and a second opinion to get the ASD diagnosis.

We then found ourselves in the land of the IEP going to tons of meetings and trying to find the right set of adjustments the school could offer so he could access the curriculum as easily as his non disabled peers.

It was countless meetings and a lot of trial and error. Though no matter what we seemed to try he fell further and further behind and the schools gave him inflated grades to pass him along to the next grade. Though they had assured me that they were following his IEP and allowing him to retest orally for a better grade which I assumed was happening that end