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Acting 4 the Screen

I received Acting 4 the Screen from Timberdoodle Co in exchange for my fair and honest review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. I would never promote or recommend a product my family and I didn't find useful or beneficial to our homeschool journey. Acting 4 the Screen is part of Timberdoodles 12th grade curriculum kit. I used this program with my 11-year-old 6th grader and my 18-year-old niece who is a 12th grader.

After previously using Film School 4 Teens from this same company, we were very excited to try this program from them as well. We were not disappointed. My niece and I loved the movie quotes and snippets of classic movies they showed to explain the lesson they were discussing. My daughter loved the corny dad jokes, and it got her interested in some movies she hasn't previously seen.

The program includes a free downloadable workbook, or you can choose to purchase one already printed from Film School for Teens. If you have a printer the print yourself option is much cheaper and allows you to get to work faster. I feel the workbook is an integral part of Acting 4 the screens curriculum as it helps to make sure your child stays engaged so they can answer all the questions. Not only will they answer questions about the lesson, but they also have assignment pages that go along with each lesson to work on the character development skills they learned about in that lesson.

There are 12 sections that include a lesson video and an assignment video. None of the videos are very long so it is an easy program to add as an elective, even if your schedule is pretty full. (My daughter dances over 10 hours a week) A teen/preteen can really use this program pretty independently without much supervision. Each section covers a different aspect of Acting 4 the Screen such as stage vs screen, your face, your mind, and what to do with your hands. Your child will pick a monologue from the ones provided in lesson 1 or you can choose your own that they will work on through the entire curriculum. Seeing the progress through the recordings really encouraged the girls to continue working and making improvements.

This is a perfect semester course for any highschooler or older middle schooler who dreams of being an actor. This would satisfy a 1/2 credit for high school art. Add one of their other programs like Film School 4 Teens and have an amazing year of learning about being behind both sides of the camera. We give Acting 4 the Screen two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

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