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Are You New To Homeschooling? A Boxed Curriculum May Be Just Right For You.

Choosing a homeschool curriculum is never easy. Whether your an early bird who buys in the spring, or a last minute shopper who waits until September. All the choices and options can be overwhelming. There are a lot of curriculum styles, tons of teaching philosophies and hundreds of different curriculum's. Even with the multitude of options most can be lumped into a few different format styles.

  • Traditional textbook

  • Computer/DVD based

  • Hands-on (lots of supplements to go along with books)

  • Boxed Curriculum (everything you need in one package)

  • Unit Studies

You can usually tell who the new people are at homeschool conventions, as they are usually the ones with wild glassy eyes as a result of so many choices. If you are new to homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed by it all, a boxed curriculum may be a great place to start.

1. Everything Comes In One Box

You don't have to worry about the bookstore or the library not having what you need, because you already have it. No need to scour for science supplies because the things you need come in your kit. No shopping multiple sites and piecing everything together. One click for each grade or student and you are all done. No stress just easy peasy.

2. Boxed Curriculum Contains All The Things You Need To Know

A lot of new homeschooling parents are scared they will not be a good teacher. That they don't know enough to teach their own children. It is a scary thought being responsible for not only raising our children, but to be responsible for their education. Education that will shape how they access the world around them. Boxed curriculums are meticulously thought out to provide kids with what they need to know for each grade level. When you follow a boxed curriculum it often gives you scripts or questions and answers in order to help you teach the material effectively.

3. Boxed Curriculums Are Reusable And Resell-able

Most if not all of the books and workbooks can be used again for either a younger sibling or resold to a new family. Workbook pages can be copied or just used along with notebook so you have a clean copy for later on. Books can be added to your family library or sold individually to recoup some costs. With as pricey as curriculum is the ability to reuse it or resell it helps out a lot.

4. A Boxed Curriculum Helps For States With More Strict Homeschool Laws

Do You live in a state with strict homeschooling laws? A boxed curriculum is a great way to meet state requirements. Some states require parents to teach specific subjects, for so many days per year. Most boxed curriculums help you meet these requirements. You can avoid extra legal stress when starting your homeschool journey by investing in a boxed curriculum. With clearly laid out 36 week plans a boxed curriculum is all you will need to have a excellent legal school year.

5. A Boxed Curriculum Is Easy To Follow

Designing a curriculum, creating a learning plan and putting it all together is a lot of work. The creators of boxed curriculum have put in hundreds of hours, pouring over countless resource materials and combining it all for every grade level. Each level builds on the next so your child ends up with a well rounded education. With easy to follow teacher guides, you can focus on teaching instead of creating lesson plans.

While homeschooling is rewarding and a blessing it can be very challenging. As a newbie I'd recommend taking advantage of the benefits of a boxed curriculum as you get your bearings. There really is no reason to reinvent the wheel when there is something already so great on the market. Get a boxed curriculum, give yourself a break and enjoy the school year with your children!

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Homeschool Fanatic
Homeschool Fanatic
Sep 23, 2020

We started with boxed curriculum early on, and it the consistency throughout was a life saver! There are a lot of positives in choosing a boxed curriculum. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Richie Soares
Richie Soares
Sep 22, 2020

Boxed curriculums are such a good way to go for homeschooling. I used a box curriculum my first year homeschooling and I'm glad I did. It provided everything I needed, which was perfect since as a new homeschooler I didn't know what we needed! This is a great post to share with homeschoolers.


Jenean Lannon
Jenean Lannon
Sep 21, 2020

This will probably be the most important blog to date for some readers. Taking the guesswork out of the equation until you find your feet so to speak will be greatly appreciated by some who are just starting & those who are considering this process for their children & themselves. It’s nice to have some alternatives to make this an easy & maybe less stressful experience.

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