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Deciding to home school

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I'm not sure what the exact tipping point was that pushed me to making my final decision.

All I know is that I've only been so sure of something one other time in my life.

It could have been the news from the district there were plans in place for kids to possibly attend school every other week. It could have been the passing of the torch as my son got shuffled along with out seeming to help him catch up. It could have been the teacher that crushed my daughters spirit. It could have been the fact in the few weeks home with me my kids have mastered concepts that they hadn't yet been able to in the public school setting.

It was frustrating to know my daughter had been pulled for extra math support everyday in school missing instruction time and at home my third grader is able to do sixth grade math worksheets. Whatever the reasons big or small I have gone into this eyes wide open. I have searched and researched. I have scoured and read. I've downloaded and quizzed myself on the type of family we are and the type of learners they are and what they need. After everything I learned we have decided to go with the TimberDoodles Co for our curriculum. It is all multi sensory with lessons including Art and STEM. We've started to receive some of our supplies for next school year already and the kids are thrilled with what they've seen and can't wait to start. I know this journey will be hard and I'm certain we will hit bumps in the road but I want to give them their best chance to learn and grow. We as parents always want what’s best for our kids and I can not continue to watch m children be failed over and over again by a system that isn’t designed for them to succeed.

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Jenean Lannon
Jenean Lannon
May 07, 2020

I know you & I know you’ll put everything in it as that’s the only way you know. I think your Pop-pop reinforced that concept & your Dad telling you that you could be &/or do whatever you set your mind to & decided that’s what you wanted. From starting karate @ almost 5 to getting your 1st degree black belt one month after turning 8 was an amazing accomplishment that required a lot of practice, exercising, tournaments, & sheer guts that made you tough it all out. We were so proud of that dedication & follow through. If he’d lived, your Dad would be so proud of the woman you’ve become, the home that you & Mike have built,…

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