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Dr. Livingston Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle: The Human Head

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Dr. Livingston Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle the Human Head is part of a seven puzzle set that once fully assembled will make a 10ft tall human. This is the second of the seven puzzles I will be reviewing. You can read about the first one the human right arm here.

This is another amazing item curated from Timberdoodle Co. It is part of Timberdoodles 6th grade curriculum kit. I received this Dr. Livingston puzzle from Timberdoodle Co in exchange for my fair and honest review. I am not required to post a positive review, nor would I recommend a product I don't find useful or beneficial. This puzzle is recommended for ages 14 and up. I used this puzzle with my 13 year old rising 8th grader and 10 year old rising 5th grader.

We were all excited about receiving the anatomy puzzle because our science for next school year is human anatomy. This seemed like it would be the perfect addition to our studies and offer a much larger image to study vs the small pictures in a science book. We were not disappointed. This puzzle illustrated by Mesa Schumacher whom is a certified medical illustrator is 100% medically accurate. This puzzle is a wonderful addition to any human anatomy study.

The Box

The box design is very original. The first time my kids saw it they thought it was a really thick book. It was a pleasant surprise for them to learn it was a puzzle. I just loved how sturdy the box was and the magnetic claps on the side ensures the box stays closed and pieces aren't lost when its grabbed off the shelf by eager children. The box really is pretty enough to set out on display. Once you open the box you will be blown away by the things you will be able to learn and identify. The picture inside the lid was so detailed and has so many labels. Every time we looked we noticed a new thing to learn we overlooked the first time. My mother in law who is a nurse was blown away and said this was a better image than many of those in her nursing books. The image in the top of the box is what you use to help you assemble the puzzle.

The Puzzle Pieces

We were very excited to put the puzzle together. The impeccable details on each piece is unrivaled in any puzzle I've ever put together. In my previous experience once puzzles reach approximately 500 pieces details become grainy and the pieces become very small. This was not the case for this puzzle. Each puzzle piece was large and very detailed. Seeing grains of muscle, the wrinkles in the brain, and the strands in tendons was so impressive. It sometimes felt like we were looking at the real thing. The larger pieces helps for slightly younger siblings or older grandparents to help assemble the puzzle. Assembled it measures 23in tall and between 9in wide at its narrowest and 18in wide at its widest points. Its at least twice the size of its real human body part.

Putting The Puzzle Together

Finding all the edge pieces while not easy was the easiest part of the assembly process. Some pieces were a little harder to distinguish as an edge so it took a few times sorting. While very detailed with the picture on the lid being the only thing to use to help assemble the puzzle it can be a little daunting. It took us several days to assemble working on it a little at a time. My 10 year old daughter was easily able to join in and help put the puzzle together. I feel it would be difficult for children any younger to be able to put this puzzle together. We loved how well the pieces interlock as its quite a large puzzle and moving it around on our dinning room table so we could still use it the puzzle stayed nicely together. We really loved the size and shapes of the puzzle pieces. The impeccable details and unique shapes are a great benefit when it comes to putting together the larger areas like the brain that are all the same color.


It was disappointing that the only image you get to help assemble the puzzle is the one inside the lid of the box. It would be nice to have a larger image perhaps a picture that was foldable that could store inside the box. I feel that it would hep make assembly easier.

Overall though, we were quite pleased with this puzzle. The sheer size really helps bring the anatomy to life. The brain, muscles, and veins were just so amazing to see enlarged that way. No picture in a book can rival the detail of this completed puzzle. I really feel this is a perfect addition to anyone studying human anatomy or even medical students could get use of these when studying. We give the Dr. Livingston Human Anatomy Puzzle The Human Head two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

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