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Dr. Livingston's Human Anatomy Seven Puzzle Set

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

The Dr. Livingston's Human Anatomy seven puzzle set creates a 10ft tall human replica upon completion of all the puzzles. This is the final summary of all seven puzzles and to show you the final product all together. You can read my previous reviews of each of the seven puzzles the right arm here, the head here, the left arm here, the abdomen here, the thorax here, the left leg here, and the right leg here. This puzzle set is another fantastic item curated from those amazing people at Timberdoodle Co.

I received the Dr. Livingston Puzzle set from Timberdoodle Co in exchange for my fair and honest review. I was under no obligation to post a positive review, nor would I promote or recommend a product we didn't find useful for ourselves or other families.

To say this puzzle set is massive is the understatement of the year. There really are no words to describe seeing this set fully assembled. My children and I were mesmerized seeing the final big picture of our amazing human body. I would recommend staying close to the recommended age range of age 14 and up. Even though the pieces are nice size and uniquely shaped there are sections that were quite frustrating to put together for my 10 year old because there were such large sections of the same or similar colors. I'm looking at you muscle sections of the legs lol.

We have referred back to these puzzles so many times already in the four weeks we have been back to homeschooling. The small pictures in the textbooks just don't hold a candle to the size and details of each section of puzzle. When we discussed the respiratory system we got to see how the circulatory system plays a part of getting oxygen to the cells. Seeing how all the veins ran through the lungs is not something a tiny picture can accurately show you.

The digestive system is another time we have been able to look back at these amazing puzzles The pictures and descriptions in the book were just not showing all the amazing details clearly. Without using the lid my kids were able to point out the main organs and explain their uses on the puzzle. I'm still in awe of the life like look of the puzzles.

I'm really looking forward to continually referring back to these puzzles as we continue to learn all about our amazing human body and all the miraculous things it can do without us even thinking about it. How everything is connected in a complex system we are still learning about. These puzzles have been an invaluable resource and I know will continue to be something we use again and again for science this year. These really are an amazing teaching tool for a high school level human anatomy course or for those looking for a career in the medical field. My nephew who is in school to be a doctor has bought a set and is blown away by how life like the puzzles are and all the things its helping him learn.

If you are interested in purchasing the entire puzzle set you can find the link here. If you are interested in purchasing any of the puzzles individually you can get the head here, the thorax here, the abdomen here, the right arm here, the left arm here, the right leg here, and the left leg here.

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