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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We discovered another one of our favorite new toys thanks to those wonderful people of Timberdoodles. Gravitrax has become a staple in our house from our very first fun Friday. A game for lack of a better word that teaches all about gravity, kinetic/potential energy and critical thinking skills. Recommended for ages 8 and up this will become a great learning opportunity in your household. Whether your kids homeschool or go to traditional school this is a great asset in their education.

It comes with a lovely detailed manual that shows you how to build the tracks layer by layer, it has very clear pictures and labels so each build will be successful. There is even an app where you can design your own track and test it out before building it physically. The app was a little tricky at first but once we figured it out we quickly started building all new tracks.

We had an issue getting one of the tracks in the manual to work properly and it was amazing watching their brains work to figure out what we could do to change it so it would follow the track every time. I find myself wanting to play it without them it’s that much fun. With over 100 components the possibilities are almost endless with just the basic starter kit.

We have almost built all of the pre designed tracks and have begun building our own with the help of the app. We also purchased the zipline expansion pack to have even more creative fun. With over 10 other expansion packs I have barely scratched the surface of how creative their brains can be and look forward to many more builds.

We plan to purchase more of the expansion packs and possibly another starter set to see just how big we can build. It. We love incorporating STEAM and critical thinking into our homeschool day and this has been a perfect tool to do both and make it fun and engaging to keep them coming back for more.

Gravitrax can be found on the Timberdoodles website. It is $57.99 which is much cheaper than I've seen it other places. They also have a deluxe set where you can get the starter set and the zip line for $64.99 again way cheaper than other places. Also the best part when you order from Timberdoodles you earn doodle dollars which is a point system to get money off future purchases.

We all gave this product two very enthusiastic thumbs up and can't wait to dive a little deeper and expand more on all the things it can do.

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Jenean Lannon
Jenean Lannon
27 mai 2020

Looks a little too hard for grandma, but boy M looks riveted. B’s not so sure yet. The grid setup seems easy enough to follow, but I’m still not sure I could follow it!

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