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Homeschooled Kids Are Weird

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

If you've ever been a part of or overheard a conversation about homeschoolers, you've probably heard or said yourself how weird they are. I mean have you met a homeschooled kid? Maybe you've never considered homeschooling, or maybe recent situations have made you consider starting to homeschool. But, you don't want your kids to become the weird kids, do you? Maybe you are already and accept your kids are weird. Yes, I'm afraid it's true. Homeschooled kids are weird. Though, probably not for the reasons you think. So lets talk about the reasons why homeschooled kids are weird.

1. It's Weird To Be Different.

Lets be honest It's weird to NOT do what everybody else is doing, so being homeschooled is weird because its simply different from the norm. By homeschooling we are reinforcing the notion that it is ok to be different. We are teaching them to not be afraid to walk to the beat of their own drum, and their differences are something to celebrate. It gives us the ability to teach them to be who they are, swim against the current, and when you get the chance dance. The most important the ability to say NO! Different is weird but being weird is awesome.

2. They Act Their Age.

I've met many homeschoolers and one of the amazing I've noticed is the kids aren't afraid to act and dress their age. I mean the horror can you believe 13 year old kids look, act and dress like kids. They don't mind playing games and getting dirty or hot and sweaty in front of kids of the opposite sex. They aren't peer pressured into hurrying to grow up. They don't feel the need to start dating so early, wearing clothes to mature for their age, or to leave childhood behind to become a "teenager". They revel in the marvelous time that is childhood. They have a better understanding of what adulthood means and feel no need to rush into before they need to. In todays world of oversexualized tweens and teens its refreshing to see kids okay with being the child that they are. To not be so obsessed with clothes, dating, and doing things before they are mentally ready.

3. They Enjoy Spending Time With Their Parents And Siblings.

I mean seriously how weird do you have to be to actually enjoy spending time with your family. Yep, you guessed it homeschooled kids are weird because, for the most part, they really enjoy hanging out with their siblings and parents. Does this mean everything is always perfect and there are never any fights? NO! We have arguments, disagreements, and hurt feelings just like most families. We however spend most of our time together, so the kids learn better about how to get along, and because of that they often have a better relationship. They really become best friends, setting them up in the future to know they can always depend on each other.

4.They Spend Free Time Learning About Things They Enjoy Or Perfecting Skills.

Since we can finish homeschooling in less than half the time of traditional schooling because we don't have a bunch of silly time wasting activities. Homeschool kids actually get a ton of time to pursue their interests. Do you remember in school learning something really interesting, but then the bell rang and you had to stop learning it. Then you had so much homework there was no time to search it up on your own time. The next day it was time to move on to the next thing so you rarely got opportunities to study things you loved. Kids having free time to actually pursue things they love is weird. Kids today are so scheduled between school, homework and activities extra time for learning is not always an option. Our world is so full of marvelous things to discover it is a pity to never get a chance to explore things you are passionate about.

5. They know how to interact with people of all ages.

I remember when I first started to realize that my kids were socially weird or different. It was last year. It was around summer, and we were at a party. My kids were chatting and interacting with adults, teens, children, toddlers, and even babies. At the same time, I overheard several children whining and complaining about the lack of same-age peers to play with. I realized that homeschoolers are almost always in situations with people of all ages whereas most school children are in a classroom with only their same-age peers all of the time. It makes a huge difference. It’s just so weird that many homeschooled kids actually enjoy interacting with people who aren’t the same age as them! It is a more realistic view of life in the real world. When they eventually go off to work they will be with people of multi generational age gaps and different backgrounds. Learning early how to thrive in that kind of environment is crucial.

6. They are often very mature and responsible.

Homeschoolers are very often more responsible. Many homeschoolers, especially as they reach middle school and high school ages, are responsible for making sure they complete their school work themselves. They often also have jobs around the house, in the yard, or even part-time jobs in the community. They can often help teach or be tutors to their younger siblings. These kids often have to balance their own schedules and responsibilities and make sure things get done by a certain deadline. This is especially true for kids whom both parents work or are part of a large family. With the ability to study what you love it pushes these kids to be more involved in their education and educational choices. This in turn causes a more mature and responsible child.

7. They are more civically engaged and have great leadership skills.

Homeschoolers are often more civically engaged and have better leadership skills. Why? Because they have more time for community and political involvement and they generally have at least one parent available to help guide them in being involved. They also usually have more time for these kinds of activities. Since school doesn’t take all day and all evening they have ample time to volunteer and join different projects. We finish school by lunch most days and with no "homework" their free time is vastly greater than that of their peers. With so many opportunities to volunteer the kids are exposed to many view points and can form their own options.

8. They know how to socialize without assimilating.

What does not assimilating even mean? It means they know how to have friends, do things together, enjoy each other’s company, and participate in activities together without trying to be exactly like each other. They know it’s ok to be themselves. It’s ok not to dress exactly like everyone else. It’s ok to have different hobbies and interests. It’s ok to be yourself. And it’s ok to be friends with people who aren’t exactly like you. By not being in the public school setting homeschool kids are free from the peer pressure to needing to fit in and can just be themselves. Homeschoolers are weird because they realize its ok to not be on the conveyer belt with everyone else. They can continue being that square peg in a round hole world. The pressure to assimilate in the public school world is very hard on children, especially those whom have special needs. It has been showing to cause a host of body dysmorphic and eating disorders in teens.

9. They love learning and excel on standardized tests.

Most homeschooled kids love to learn and score really well on standardized tests. I suppose this can be attributed to not being rushed in the classroom and not feeling compared to other students all the time. They are given the time they need to really learn the material and delve deep into the material because they aren't on someone elses arbitrary timeline. The more relaxed pace help homeschooled kids enjoy what they’re learning and be able to soak up information and retain it better. They are also able to choose when they learn things, so by being interested in the subject they are more likely to retain it. Learning more leads to a better standardized test score.

10. They are indoctrinated by their parents.

Homeschoolers are "indoctrinated" by their parents to believe whatever their parents believe. You know, it’s a really good thing school children aren’t indoctrinated to believe whatever their teachers/schools teach them, right? Especially in todays day and age where kids are being taught very divisive propaganda, sexually explicit material, and age inappropriate lessons. Seriously though, it is weird that most people now believe it’s a bad thing for parents to teach and train their children, then don't bat n eye when a public school educator is doing the same thing. Why is it better for our children to be taught and trained to believe what a classroom teacher believes rather than what their parents believe? It simply makes no sense that the teacher’s beliefs are more important or more “correct” than the parents’ beliefs. Our children, as they grow up, will take what they’ve learned and make their own decisions about what they believe. All children do this as they grow up. They become more responsible for themselves, and become independent adults.

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