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Inspired by Van Gogh

Who said art class can't be fun and easy? There is no need to dread fitting in some creative activity.

We received Inspired by Van Gogh scratch art kit from Timberdoodle Co in exchange for our fair and honest review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review and I would never promote or recommend a product my family didn't enjoy or find useful in our homeschool journey. This art set is part of Timberdoodles 6th grade curriculum kit. Timberdoodle has been one of our favorite companies for finding fun and unique items to enhance our homeschool curriculum. I used the Inspired by Van Gogh art set with my 14-year-old rising 9th grader and my 11-year-old rising 6th grader.

This was really a unique art kit. I love scratch arts in general but this one added an extra element. The book comes with a brief little snippet of who Van Gogh was. It makes it perfect to use with an older child and tie it in with an art history lesson. Or an art appreciation high school credit course. It made my kids want to research a little more about the artist and why he painted the way he did. One of the things I liked about the included book was that it gave some ideas or inspiration if you will on things to try.

The Inspired by Van Gogh art set came with 4 pre drawn scratch art patterns. All of them are made to look like famous paintings by Van Gogh. It almost felt like a coloring book page or a paint by numbers. Both of my kids felt like their end work felt more like a real piece of art vs other scratch arts they've used in the past. They both really liked the freedom that came with being able to do whatever they wanted.

Our biggest complaint was that there was only one stick to scratch with. Luckily, we had some laying around so the kids could both do art together. So, if you are planning on this being used with more than one kid plan ahead. Other than that, we thoroughly enjoyed the Inspired by Van Gogh are set. If you are looking for an easy, inexpensive, and engaging art set look no further than Inspired by Van Gogh art set.

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