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Medical Investigation 101

Medical Investigation 101 a three book set including a teachers manual, student workbook and textbook. It is perfect for middle and high school students. This set is included in the 11th grade 2020 curriculum kit with Timberdoodle Co. This set can be used for a high school science credit.

I used this set with a 7th and 4th grade student. While my 4th grader struggled a bit getting through some of the curriculum she still learned a lot and I plan to reuse it again later on with her as she really enjoyed the material and how it was presented. My 7th grader isn't as into the medical field or the human body, but he loved how this was taught more like detective work.

I also found myself really enjoying this curriculum and would often go back and read ahead when the school day was done.

The Textbook

I'd say its more like a friendly guide versus a scary text book. It covers all the body systems, common ailments and a few chronic conditions. It begins by teaching about the different types of doctors and specialist in the medical field. Then they will learn all about the medical support team and their roles. After that you learn all about the medical diagnostic process. Finally you will go through the body systems, injuries, illnesses, diseases and conditions all from the perspective of a case. It really pushes your child into a deeper level of thinking. I really appreciated the critical thinking aspect of the book. I think it inspired an interest in the medical field they hadn't had before.

The Workbook

The workbook is such a great addition to the textbook. There are so many interactive activities for every chapter. There really seems to be an emphasis on learning terminology. This will be extremely helpful in the future if this is your children's chosen field of study. There are also fill in the blank, crossword puzzles and matching worksheets to really reinforce this medical knowledge learned. Both of my kids enjoyed the variety of activities and working together to figure out the answers. It even comes with a diploma in the back of the book when your child finishes the curriculum. My kids always enjoy these little extras that they can show all their friends and family.

The Teachers Manual

The word manual I would say is not very accurate in my opinion. While the beginning of the book does give you a brief synopsis of what your child will learn in each chapter. It is however more just a book of answers. Having all the answers at your fingertips is quite helpful if you don't have a medical background. I found that the lessons were pretty straight forward, and a manual or guide was not really necessary. This is really one of those curriculums your older child could do independently or you would learn alongside your younger child.

After finishing Medical Investigation 101 my kids are well versed in medical terminology and have a greater understanding of how bodies work. In my opinion this curriculum as a standalone is not enough for a full year but could be used for a semester alone or supplement with an anatomy science program. I do plan on getting a new workbook and having my kids redo it individually for a high school credit next school year. It has been amazing to see my kids be able to have meaningful conversations with others about the things they learned.

I highly recommend this set for anyone who has ambitions of working in the medical field. With an easy to read text, lots of bold print to help with terminology and plenty of pictures this will definitely give you a stepping stone towards that career field.

I received this Medical Investigation 101 set for free from Timberdoodle. In exchange for this set I promised to use the materials and offer a review. It did not have to be a positive review. I value my integrity and will only promote or offer positive reviews on items I believe in and find useful. This is my honest and truthful feelings on this curriculum.

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