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Mixed By Me Thinking Putty. Glow In The Dark!

If you have ever worked with a special needs child or have a little ADHD yourself, you understand the importance of fidgets. One of my favorite included items in the Timberdoodle curriculum kits is the Mixed By Me Thinking Putty. It has been so helpful for both my kids. M who has ASD and ADHD and A who has Anxiety and ADHD. Having something they can squish and squash in their fingers as they work on their school works has made our school day run so much smoother.

There are three different types of the Crazy Aarons Mixed By Me Thinking Putty glow in the dark, Holographic and Hypercolor. Each kit includes 5 tins of clear putty, 6 colored pencils, 5 customization tin labels, a mixing mat with ideas for color formulas, and 6 different effect mix-ins to make a truly customized fidget for your child.

The 5 tins of clear putty come already with a label on them but if you change the mix later on you can use one of the 5 included labels to change it up. There is enough space inside the tins to add your mix-ins and still be able to close the lid. I would caution not overfilling the tins and make sure the putty is not hanging over the rims when closing as it can become difficult to reopen them, if you do. The tins are nice and small and are convenient to tuck in a pocket or a purse to have handy when needed. There is almost nowhere my son doesn't take his to help with his anxiety.