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No Bones About It. Dr. Bonyfide Is A Humerus Way To Learn The Bones.

We were introduced to the Dr. Bonyfide book series by you guessed it Timberdoodle Co. They really have done an amazing job at curating a wonderful collection of educational items for every grade level. My daughters 4th grade curriculum kit came with book 2, and as soon as I received the kits and looked through the book I knew my kids would love it and ordered book 1. There are four books in all and each book concentrates on a specific set of bones of the body.

Filled with puny dad jokes and pneumonic devices it will keep your kids laughing while everyone learns (including mom and dad) something.

Book One Bones of the Hand, Arm and Shoulder

This book covers from the tips of the fingers to the shoulder. It breaks down each section in smaller chunks to help the kids really learn it. The first section starts with the hand, then moves to the lower arm, and finally the upper arm and shoulder. This book is filled with information about not only the particular bones your studying but also how children's and adults bodies differ as our bones change. There are fill in the blanks, matching and crossword puzzles all to reinforce what they've learned. The end of the book has some bonus content about what goes on inside our bones that to me would be more appropriate for slightly older kids, but you could always save it to revisit it later. Each book has a certificate at the end you can present your child for completing the book. One of my kids favorite parts of the book was the "x-ray" decoder glasses that comes with the book to look at the bones and see the puny bone jokes.

Book Two Bones of the Foot, Leg and Pelvis