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Papercraft World Bear

I received Papercraft World Bear from Timberdoodle Co in exchange for my fair and honest review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review and would never promote or recommend a product my family didn't find useful or beneficial to my homeschool family. Papercraft World Bear is part of Timberdoodles 11th grade curriculum kit. I used this art kit with my 9th grade ASD/ADHD son and my 6th grade daughter.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical on how well this art set would work. I've used similar products to this in the past and it never seemed to match up or go together very well. The Papercraft World Bear is heads and shoulders above its competition. After opening up the kit my kids were a bit intimidated. One thing I absolutely loved about this kit was that it included a "bonus" small heart project to give you a practice run before you started your large project the bear. It was so kind of this company to give this bonus project so you can practice and not worry about ruining your big project.

A key takeaway that my children received from this bonus project was to carefully read instructions not just skim and assume you know what to do. They ended up assembling the heart inside out. All the numbers are supposed to be on the inside and not seen. They had assembled it with them on the outside. While I will admit assembling the way they did for the heart was a bit easier because you could see it better, it does look much nicer completed the correct way.

It was a bit intimidating, looking at all the pieces and the scope of work that was required. It ended up being much easier than we all thought which was a welcome surprise. We used regular school glue instead of the tacky glue they recommended. Knowing my kids as I do, I knew that we may end up with a few pieces not completely lined up or put in the wrong place because they were rushing. The school glue made them have to slow down and hold the pieces together for it to set before moving on, it also allowed for us to shift the pieces more easily when they were first attached to get it placed in the exact right spot. My biggest complaint about the product is with brown of the paper being so dark and the numbers so light it was difficult to sometimes identify the numbers. A really good lamp or flashlight was needed towards the end when the inside of the bear was very dark, and you were trying to figure out where the next piece attached.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well all the pieces fit together. All the seams fit together with precision. Having an ASD kiddo in your house who needs precision and exactness this was so refreshing. They really have made a superior product that results in a beautifully finished piece anyone would be proud to display. The fact that the pieces line up so well made it easy for both of my children to work together to complete this product. We all were amazed with how big the finished product turned out to be. Looking at the stack of papers we had to punch out it didn't seem like it would be as tall as it was. While this product does fit together exceptionally well, I feel this product would be difficult for anyone much younger than eleven. This is definitely geared more towards middle and high school kids. Overall though we absolutely loved this product and will definitely look into more products they have to offer.

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