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Six Things I Want People To Know About Homeschooling

Presently there is a lot of interest in homeschooling. Covid-19 has created challenges that the public school system was unprepared and is ill equipped to handle. So many kids especially special needs are falling through the cracks. This has led many families searching for alternatives for their family, including taking the leap to homeschool. During the initial crisis school period a lot of families like myself have learned public schooling is not all they thought it was, and kids are being exposed to ideology that goes against their own. Some families have even experienced content being forced on kids that is way above their maturity level and the schools demanding parents not listen to what is being said to their children. There were teachers instructing their students to not tell their parents what was being taught to them. I don't know about you, but I've taught my children from a young age that if someone is asking you to keep a secret from us the parents, that person is not a person they should trust. The horror stories I've heard from friends whose kids are zooming for public school have shocked me to my core. It makes me resolute in my decision to never send them back.

We are over halfway through our first year homeschooling and I've gotten the same questions repeatedly asked of me about what we do. Here are the top five questions I get asked and what I think all parents should know.