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Summer Reading Adventure

Summer the perfect time to try new things, clean things out and start a new project. Every summer we have a summer project we've made a butterfly garden, grown our own vegetables and painted rocks to leave around town. With summer plans put on hiatus this year with parks, museums and zoos still closed we had to find new ways to ditch summer boredom. After lots of ideas, planning and discussion we landed on summer reading adventure. We figured while we can’t go and do let’s travel by book and learn about new and exciting places. We’ve gone on adventures with Tom Sawyer, sailed down river with Huck Finn and saved Narnia with Aslan. We learned about curiosity with the Baudelaire children, found out there is no place like home with Dorothy and learned of great injustice with Scout and Jem. We have gone to places not just in fiction but history as well.

We've gone to the great pyramids and stared in wonder at their creation, we’ve sailed with the pilgrims looking for a new life, we sat with our forefathers as they wrote the Declaration of Independence and watched Abraham Lincoln help to free the slaves. We have had so many grand adventures and learned the world has so many things to see and do. The kids have decided now after learning so much that there are places other than the beach and theme parks to go on vacation. They want to see the world now not just from pages in a book. I’ve always told them a book can take you anywhere and they’ve always been “sure mom” but now that we can’t go and do they finally have the chance to realize mom was telling the truth. Our little library is growing rapidly as we find more topics and places to learn about. Adventures are everywhere even when sitting on your family couch.

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