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The Top Three Reasons Why We Homeschool!

Each time I think about the reasons we decided to embark on this homeschool journey, I can’t help but reflect on all the positive aspects of homeschooling and the benefits it has brought to our family. Homeschooling isn’t always perfect or easy, but the benefits for us have far outweighed the negatives. The transformation my kids have made in their education is eye opening and alarming. These are my three favorite things about homeschooling.


Homeschooling has given us a generous amount of flexibility. Which we need with one of our kids being a competitive dancer and the other has several learning disabilities. I’ve found that no matter our educational goals or outlook, we’ve always been able to be a lot more flexible in our scheduling than our public and private school counterparts.

The ability to have a great amount of flexibility in how and when we complete school work allows us to accomplish all of our goals and still have time for wants and needs.

Being flexible with school means we have time to travel at more convenient times to have lower crowds at popular locations. I love knowing that we can work around school commitments and still have time for fun.

The best flexibility that homeschooling has offered us is the ability to tailor my children’s lessons to fit their individual needs. If and when one of my kids develops a sudden interest in a new topic, I can shift our school time to allow for greater exploration. For special events or holidays we can really study what makes them special, how they started and why we celebrate it. If one curriculum isn’t working out for us, we can always switch to a different program that does work.


The flexibility that a homeschooling lifestyle brings also gives us freedom to make space in our world to do the things we love. That includes learning the things we want to learn about when we want to learn it. We have the freedom to move at our own pace. Sometimes that means we can advance through the levels at a much faster pace than traditional school. Sometimes that means we move a bit slower to make sure we understand before we move on. We have the freedom to set our own schedule, we can do school when it works for us in our day. We can sleep in a bit and be able to start our day well rested and ready to learn. If something comes up, as things often do we can shift things around and school later in the day. My daughter dreams of becoming a professional dancer and homeschool has brought her the freedom of time, time to work on technique and time to practice all her dances. One of the best freedoms we enjoyed after leaving the strict restrictions of traditional school is time together. We have time to spend as a family in the evenings without having to do even more school work when our day is over.


Homeschooling for the most part has been fun for us. Yes, homeschooling can be a lot of work, but it’s also tons of fun (depending on how you look at it.) I choose to find it fun, not because I particularly enjoy picking out curriculum, but because much of what I do with my kids is interesting to them and me. If the subject isn't interesting I try to find ways to incorporate fun into the lesson.

The topics that both the kids and I enjoy learning about are the ones that I’m more apt to expand on and really dig down deep to discover all we can. On Fridays we might break out a board game, do puzzles or work on art and STEM projects. Additionally, we’ve met a lot of wonderful people on our homeschool journey, gone on many field trips, and developed lifelong relationships with other families as a direct result of homeschooling.

Choosing the route to home education is a life-changing decision for your entire family. Although it won’t always be easy, there are definitely so many benefits to homeschooling that greatly outweigh any and all negatives. Flexibility, freedom, and fun are the three attributes that make homeschooling worth it for us.

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Jenean Lannon
Jenean Lannon
30 Νοε 2020

Those three “F’s” are great reasons to homeschool, too bad regular schools don’t even consider that as an option. Especially for students who can be ahead or behind the curve for whatever reason. They don’t realize the disservice they’re imposing by not considering any of these options for enrichment in their classes & how it would benefit the students.

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