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Tiger Crystal Art Card Kit

I received this Tiger Crystal Art Card Kit from Timberdoodle Co in exchange for my fair and honest review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. I would never promote or recommend an item that my children or myself have found fun, functional, or useful in our homeschooling journey. We have loved most all of the products that Timberdoodle has found to offer to homeschoolers and this Tiger Crystal Art is no different. The Tiger Crystal Art Card Kit is part of Timberdoodles 4th grade curriculum kit. It was a big hit at our house for both kids. I used this Tiger Crystal Art Card Kit with my 14 year old rising 9th grader and my 11 year old rising 6th grader. Only my son has completed crystal art kits before this.

What We Loved

The kit is very similar to other crystal art kits my son has done and comes with everything you need to complete the project. I liked that all the symbols were letters. It made it so much easier to distinguish between the different symbols to know which crystals went where. It may seem like a silly thing but I loved that they gave you enough of the little ziplock bags so that you had one for every different color. This kid included 13 different colors of crystals and 13+ bags to put them in once opened. This is beneficial when you have kids who don't pay close attention and always miss putting some of the crystals on a symbol until after you've put it away and moved on to the next color. I feel the picture and the symbols were very clear and easy to distinguish. This is really a great project for anyone who are new to crystal art or to an older family member that may have difficulty seeing where to place the crystals.

What We Didn't Like

We didn't have another card to make when we finished this one. Kidding, but really there wasn't anything about this we didn't enjoy. There was one odd thing. All the lettered bags were all the same color, blue. There was another set of 4 bags with matching letters to that of the blue but, they were colored pinkish. Three of them were slightly different shades than the other of the same letter. One was a completely different color than its counterpart. I wondered if the extra colors were put in the package accidentally.


This was a really cool art project/craft. I felt this kit could be used in two ways. One would be to do the crystal art your self and send the card to a loved one. The second would be to fill out the card and send it to the loved one for them to do the crystal art card like a gift. The card was so beautiful completed. It was so difficult to part with. Something interesting in this kit that I hadn't seen in other kits was even within a specific symbols bag, the crystals would have slightly different hues. This made for an overall more realistic animal image without having to add many more colors. We had a ton of leftover crystals once we were done with the card. If your a crafty person you can use these to make your own or let the kids design their own project to kind of get a two for one use of this kit. My kids really enjoyed this card and trying to decide whom they want to mail this one to and, trying to decide which one they want to get to do next. It gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from my kids.

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