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Tiger Pool Crystal Art

If you are a fan of doing diamond art like I am, you probably face the same dilemma I do. What do you do with these beautiful creations once you're finished? This Craft Buddy Tiger Pool Crystal Art solved this problem. It comes on a pre-stretched canvas ready to hang-up upon completion.

I received The Tiger Pool Crystal Art from Timberdoodle Co in exchange for my fair and honest review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review and would never recommend or promote an item my family didn't love or find useful in our homeschooling journey. This art set is part of Timberdoodles 9th grade curriculum kit. I used the art set with my rising 9th grade son and rising 6th grade daughter.

This was such a fun crystal art piece to complete. Tigers are one of my sons' favorite animals, so he was very excited about getting to work on this crystal art. In my opinion it was definitely designed to be easier for a younger audience or an older audience who struggle with the traditional use of similar looking symbols. This Tiger Pool art set uses the alphabet as its symbols to distinguish the colors used. They used all the capital letters first then used two lowercase letters to finish out all the colors. It made it really easy to tell the difference for what goes where. I know my older eyes appreciated it lol. My kids really liked it because it wasn't confusing trying to tell if it was a pyramid or three dots really close together.

As I stated above my absolute favorite thing was that it comes ready to display. I can't tell you how many crystal art sets I have rolled up in a drawer or on a shelf. There are no easy or inexpensive way to display them, so they sit collecting dust. Most sets aren't cheap so it's disappointing that you do all the hard work to complete them and can't show off your accomplishment. With this perk however came my only complaint. Since it was already pre-stretched it was a bit more difficult to maneuver around when applying the crystals. We usually let part of the canvas hang over the side of the table to be able to get a little closer to the area we are working on. That wasn't possible with this one.

Timberdoodle really has always curated some of the best items for homeschoolers. Not just the curriculum but the extras that we as homeschoolers look forward to. They definitely hit the mark with this Tiger Pool Crystal Art set. It was so much fun and perfect for middle or high schoolers. If you are looking for something fun to add to your art curriculum look no further than Tiger Pool Crystal Art.

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