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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Critical thinking skills are life skills. It seems to be a skill the public schools lack in teaching. When I went looking for curriculum I wanted something well rounded and included Arts and STEM but I didn't even think about this important skill. It's one more thing I love about Timberdoodle.

The game Ultimo was included in A’s 4th grade kit and I'm so glad. It opened our eyes for this need in our homeschool. It is simple enough to play but requires quick thinking, logic and a little bit of luck to win. A game for 2 players it comes with 14 purple dice and 1 yellow. It sets up quick and plays even quicker. It is perfect for a quick brain break between subjects.

The dice are set out in three groups of five. Each player on their turn takes either one, two or three dice leaving the yellow for last. You can only take from one pile per turn so you have to be strategic in your picks. Just when you think you have it won your opponent might just swoop in for the win. Grab the yellow die to win but it has to be picked up last but it can be picked up in a group of up to three as long as it’s in the same group.

We have had so much fun playing this game so far. There have been lots of belly laughs and competition between my two littles to be the “Ultimate Champion” . This game is definitely worth the investment and a great addition to any family looking to improve their child's critical thinking skills.

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