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Why Some Christians Choose a Secular Homeschool Curriculum?

Home school curriculum shopping is hard. I'm talking running up a hill juggling chainsaws hard. There is something not only for every type of learner, but type of homeschooling household and subject imaginable . It seems everyday there is a new curriculum on the market. For the Christian household the options are endless but, for the secular or faith-neutral, the choices are fewer.

There are the homeschoolers who do home school for religious reasons, but don't always want a Christian curriculum for a multitude of reasons. Homeschooling is not a one size fits all and with its rise in popularity there are more secular options than ever before.

They like to keep academics and Bible separate

Often Christian publishers saturate the curriculum so much with scripture that the actual subject matter gets lost along the way. With so many different denominations of the Christian faith the ideologies of the publisher can be vastly different from their own. Some families wants a curriculum without extras or points of view especially when the subject is one the child desires to study more in depth. The study of the Bible can be a deeply personal thing and the parent wants to teach it in their own way and at their pace.

Belief that Christian curriculum is too biased

Things I've heard a lot from families is the Christian curriculum is very biased. While they want to teach God's word and a worldview to go along with it they also want to expose their kids to other beliefs and traditions.

Often Christian curriculum hinders this, when opposing views are brought up it is mentioned as wrong and met with intolerance from the writer. More often than not it is not mentioned at all, shielding kids from anything the publisher disagrees with. Parents who prefer to teach a well rounded view of the world and the hows and whys of religion often choose secular for a more neutral perspective.

Public funds are used to buy curriculum

In some areas state funds can be used to purchase home school supplies and curriculum. The only catch is it can not be used on Christian or faith based curriculum. For this reason more secular materials are needed. It is also a reason more and more secular curriculums are becoming available.

No matter which you choose Christian or secular there are great options out there for you to find. Not all Christian curriculum will include scripture in the text just as not all secular will teach evolution.

The bottom line is, to do your research. Study the curriculum and understand how it will fit with your family and your belief system.

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