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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

In life you need support along the way whether it’s parents, friends, neighbors, strangers or God. There will be times you need to lean on someone to get through the hard stuff. Deciding to homeschool is no different. When we decided to homeschool my husband and I talked about it a lot. We made pro con lists, we came up with off the wall scenarios and tried to make sure we thought of everything before we jumped in. He has been my rock through this whole process. Then we had to tell our families I felt nervous on how they would react or if they would think I was making a huge mistake and try to talk me out of it. They all had a few questions but were thrilled for us and our decision. I know this is not the case for everyone but, family does not have to be your only tribe. I started reaching out to other moms I am friends with on Facebook we haven’t really talked in a few years but, I knew these women were successfully homeschooling as I loved seeing the pictures from all their homeschool adventures. I also knew they would be fountains of wisdom. They both were wonderful in sending me links, coupons and advice on things they’ve tried and what worked or didn’t and how to determine both their learning and my teaching style. I can not begin to thank these women enough. I then went to Facebook again and found support groups for my area and moms with kids similar in age to mine. Some had kids with disabilities which gave me hope. The support groups are an invaluable part of this process especially for those whose families can’t or won’t understand. You can reach out to me I will be part of your tribe. I am very new to this to but, between my tribe and yours we will find answers. Tribes can be big and small. They can come in the face of a stranger or that friend you haven’t spoken to in years. Keep your eyes and heart open and your tribe will grow.

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Jenean Lannon
Jenean Lannon
May 24, 2020

You’ve become very eloquent of late. It’s gratifying to see that passion for a cause & the hope of helping others see & find their own way also. As usual, you’re jumping in with both feet by researching the why, where, & how’s to do it best for you & the kids. I’m so proud of you & hope others will find the path that’s best for them & their families as well. I’d never have thought you’d start something like this as it’s not an easy decision to make, but you’ve always done things wholeheartedly & with the best of motives. I know your spouse is behind you 100% & is a great sounding board for all the aspects…

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