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Real-World Writing Grades 5-6

I received Evan-Moor Real-World Writing Grades 5-6 from Timberdoodle Co in exchange for my fair and honest review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review and would never recommend or promote a product that my family and I didn't find useful or beneficial to our home school journey. I used this curriculum with my 11-year-old 6th grade daughter. It is part of Timberdoodles 5th grade curriculum kit.

I've used some Evan-Moor workbooks in the past as a supplement to our curriculum and have enjoyed their easy open and go format. All the lessons are well layed out and short which is perfect for both of my ADHD kiddos whose attention span is not always the greatest. However, for me I don't feel Real-World Writing could stand on its own as a writing curriculum. While it does cover a wide variety of writing formats such as blogs, web pages, and letter writing it doesn't in my opinion offer enough practice. Each new lesson has a graphic organizer and two practice pages. This workbook is set up to where your student could work on it pretty independently without much assistance on your part.

I'm not sure about your child but my daughter needs more repetition when it comes to English/Language Arts. Writing has never been her strong suit. The Real-World Writing didn't offer a lot of opportunity to practice the new lesson. Trying it two times was not enough for it to really stick. I made copies of the different styles of graphic organizers and used those with notebook or printer paper to work more on each new format of writing taught.

I did absolutely love the graphic organizers. Having dysgraphia, myself I understand and appreciate a good graphic organizer. In my opinion access to all the different types of graphic organizers they have in the book is worth the cost of the book. So, if your child needs help with organization of their thoughts this would be a perfect addition to your homeschool. I would suggest making copies of the graphic organizers for your child to use on future writing projects.

The thing for me it was lacking was working on improving sentences. There was nothing on grammar aspects to help make stronger sentences. A child who needs assistance with writing better sentences will need an additional curriculum. I would have loved to have the graphic organizers paired alongside sentence structure. As it stands this is a fantastic supplement to a writing curriculum. The graphic organizers for so many different types of Real-World Writing are unmatched in any curriculum I've seen. I feel Real -World Writing is an excellent supplement and an amazing tool for kids who need help with writing organization.

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