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NF Strong

NF stands for neurofibromatosis. If your not familiar with the condition it cause tumors to grow on the nerves thro the body. It can cause little bumps to grow on the skin, spinal curvature, large and small tumors to form and cause deformities, migraines, deafness and even blindness. There are chances of mild to moderate learning disabilities and severe pain from the tumors growing on the nerves. One of the worst parts about it to me is there is a 50/50 chance of you passing this on to your child. Both M and myself have a very mild case of NF. Tomorrow May 17th is world NF awareness day. It is rarely talked about but effects 1 in 3000 people. There is a chance you may know someone who struggles with this everyday. So I’m asking tomorrow for you to light it up blue and green. Shine a light on NF to help find a cure. Please be sure to leave a comment or a pic of how you plan to light it up blue and green.

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