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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

If the name looks a little familiar your not seeing things its a version of sudoku. Colorku has an additional level of challenge using colors instead of numbers. It has five levels easy through extreme slightly more than its traditional counterpart. it was designed for ages eight and up. Caution will be needed in households with younger children as the colorful balls could become a choking hazard.

The game comes with a set of perforated cards to show you how to set up each puzzle. There are over 100 unique puzzles. There is also a foldable container to hold all those cards. In my opinion it is useless if you want to keep your game in its box as there is no way to put the separated cards in their little box and then be able to close lid of the game itself snuggly. Unless you plan to keep cards separate from the game I don't recommend taking them apart.

The game sets up easy but the ease really stops there. The fact that it's creators chose to have several pieces with duplicate colors both light and dark instead of using some additional colors was to me a bad game design. There is an additional level of difficulty from traditional play since it's hard to remember which pieces were the preset starting pieces and which you've placed if and when you make a mistake.

On the packaging it does assign numbers to each colored ball. We actually used a sharpie and wrote numbers on the balls to help ease confusion. I played it first to try it out as I love doing sudoku puzzles. I found even the easy levels a little challenging before adding the numbers to the balls. With adding the numbers it let us distinguish which balls were set and correct and which we may have guessed on.

We got Colorku as part of our Timberdoodles fourth grade curriculum kit. In my opinion it may be a bit advanced for that age group. My daughter who is 9 found it frustrating to play and got discouraged trying to complete even the easiest of levels without some help before we added the numbers. Overall we thought it was a very unique game and plan to continue to play it and work on her critical thinking skills but it seems better suited for a middle to high school age student. My niece who is in 10th grade absolutely loved it and could’t stop playing level after level.

We received Colorku as part of our 4th grade elite kit purchase from Timberdoodle. We were not paid or given any compensation for this review. This is our honest feedback about the game

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1 Comment

Jenean Lannon
Jenean Lannon
Aug 27, 2020

Sounds like a good idea concept, but not so easily played.

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