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Don't Let Decision Fatigue Lead To Bad Curriculum Choices

  • What’s for breakfast?

  • What's for lunch?

  • What should I wear today?

  • Where is my shampoo?

  • Where are my shoes?

  • What should we do today?

  • Can you add this to the grocery list?

  • Do you want to sign up for Dance Team Mom?

  • What are we getting the kids for Christmas?

  • What's for dinner?

Decision fatigue is a real thing. When you consider that we moms get the above questions 100 times per day, there’s no debate that our brains are tapped out, and we just cannot make another decision. As they say, "I literally can’t even."

What is decision fatigue?

It’s that feeling when the waiter at a restaurant asks us if we would like more water, and we freeze because we have no idea. I’m going to venture a guess that you probably have this because you’re probably a mom and you probably homeschool.

With all that is in us, we cannot answer a simple yes or no questions. Our brain is stressed out. If anyone asks us to make one more decision, we are may actually curl into a ball and hide in the closet.

Why decision fatigue leads to bad curriculum choices

Our homeschool days are affected by the decisions we make. Unfortunately when we are overwhelmed, we make hasty decisions that are often end up being poor ones. 

When we choose a curriculum, there is so much to think about:

  • what style or approach does it take

  • how time consuming will it be to complete each day

  • how much prep time does it require

  • how much does it cost

  • what other people will think about it

If you have multiple kids, take all those decisions and multiply them times the number of kids you have. So we throw in the towel and use all the same tired curriculum that we’ve always used even if it’s not working for our children because changing just seems too overwhelming.

We sometimes make an impetuous decision, seeing a curriculum with a pretty cover and not even realize what we’ve just bought. Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s gotten a box of curriculum that I didn’t even really remember ordering! I just knew we needed spelling books so I clicked one.

How to avoid bad curriculum choices

It’s true there are just so many choices when it come to the curriculum out there, and most of them are truly amazing products. We need to be smart about the choices we make and think about how we spend our money. Here are a few ways we can do this.

Stick with the tried and trues.

As the saying goes if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? Always be open-minded, but if something is working really really well for you and especially your kids, stick with it. Don’t get swayed by the next best thing in the homeschool world. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Let your children help you make decisions.

The beautiful thing about homeschooling where we live at least is we don’t need approval from a school board. That’s awesome! So sometimes it’s nice to have a little back and forth with your kids about the curriculum that you’re using everyday. If they are absolutely hating something, you might need to follow their lead and find something new. If there is something they love you may need to supplement in order to go more in depth for the area of interest. Have a meeting and talk about options and t