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Laser Chess

This is not your grandpas chess game. If you thought chess was already a fun and amazing thinking game, lasers put this game over the top. I mean who doesn't love lasers. We received laser chess as part of our 7th grade elite curriculum kit from Timberdoodle Co. We have received no compensation for this review and this is our honest opinion of this game.

Laser chess is such an exciting critical thinking game. At first we were a little intimidated by the extra challenge of adding the lasers, but soon we couldn't get enough. While the concept of capturing the king remains the same the similarities really end there.

The instruction manual is small but very informative. It explains all the pieces and how they move. It explains the special areas on the board and how to win the game. The instructions were simple enough for my ASD 12 year to understand so he could explain to others how the pieces worked and how to play. While the box says 8 years old and up I feel that it is better suited for 11-12 and up.

The Pieces

The set comes with 1 king, 2 switches, 2 defenders, 7 deflectors and 1 laser each for a total of 26 playing pieces. It also includes a special game board with 18 special helix spaces and one corner each for positioning each persons laser.

How The Pieces Work

The king works very similar to that of regular chess it can move one space in any direction and is what your opponent is trying to capture. The switches have a mirror on both sides they also only move one space in any direction, it can rotate or can swap places with a piece right next to it. The defenders are blockers they are there to help defend your king, they can rotate or move one space in any direction. The deflectors have a mirror on one side and they also can rotate or move one space in any direction. The laser rotates in two directions.

Playing The Game

Laser Chess is a strategy game just like its original counterpart. The blue and white team goes first. The hardest part, to me was having to fire your laser after each turn. With only get to move a piece one space or rotate a piece including the laser, you have to be extra careful not to take out your own pieces.

The mirrors reflect the laser beam at a 45* angle. So you have to see the path in your head as you make your moves. You then have to fire your laser at the end of each turn, watch out or you may take out your own piece. To capture the other players pieces you must hit them from the side or back. The defender can take a hit to the front side and remain in play. The switch and deflectors are safe as long as laser hits their mirror side only. The lasers are immune from any hit. The king can be hit from any side and once hit the game is over.

This has quickly become one of our favorite Fun Friday games. While it is quite challenging you will not want to stop playing. Critical thinking skills are an invaluable asset to your children, in not only their educational journey but their entire adult lives.

My ASD son has always loved chess so was very excited to try this game. He love the simplicity of the movements of the pieces. He liked how all the pieces moved the same so he didn't have to memorize all the different pieces and how they move differently.

We highly recommend laser chess to families with kids who love to play board style games. The lasers really do add a layer of excitement and challenge to the game for even reluctant game players.

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