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Tenzi and 77 ways to play

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Tenzi a fun game that is included in the Timberdoodle 2020 -2021 2nd grade curriculum kit,

We were provided this game by Timberdoodle in exchange for our honest review.

It is the world's fastest dice game! It is an engaging game for 2-4 players. It is simple enough to play and is all about fast hands and a lot of luck. Its recommended for ages seven and up. Caution should be used with younger kids under three as the colorful dice can be a choking hazard.

Tenzi comes with four sets of ten dice that come in a variety of color options. It also comes in a convenient carrying case that is lightweight and small making it the perfect game to take on a trip for some boredom busters in the hotel. It comes with instructions of eight additional ways to play.

The original game play is to be the first player to get all ten of your dice on the same number and yell TENZI.

This deck of 77 ways to play cards is an additional purchase but a perfect way to make it more challenging for older kids. From using no thumbs to switching hands between each role there is a challenge for everyone. If seventy seven aren't enough there are cards to write your own challenge.

We really enjoyed this game and it was great for our homeschool day as a quick brain break but has quickly become one of our favorite games to play. While it doesn't require a lot of skill it does require attention to detail something my ADHD child struggles with. Some of the card challenges have also helped him with some coordination challenges we have been working on.

Even we adults love to get in on the action when the kids go to bed. My husband and I are very competitive and it has been lots of fun for us to play together especially combining it with the 77 ways to play card deck.

If you want your own Tenzi game the link can be found above or right here.

If you'd like the deck of 77 ways to play link is above or right here.

Don't forget when you purchase anything from Timberdoodle you can earn doodle dollars to use on future purchases.

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